Carpigiani Pastochef 18 RTL | Pasteurizer + Confectionery

Xuất xứ: Italy Thương hiệu: Carpigiani


  • Code: 8473
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 45 x 61,4 x 111 cm
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Power: 2kW
  • Voltage: 400V/3 ph/ 50 Hz
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01 Machine
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Carpigiani's multifunction pasteurizer gives users great features to run their gelato and confectionery production more efficiently. They can assist you in the process of pasteurization, incubation, making jam, chocolate, gelato...

Product Details:

Dimensions (WxDxH)45 x 61,4 x 111 cm 
Voltage400V/3 ph/ 50 Hz 
Production in 2 hours15lt
Quantity per cycle | Programs Chocolate | Max: 15kg, Min: 5kg
Custard | Max: 15kg, Min: 7kg

The advantages of product: 

- Performance and Quality: 

  • Pastochef RTL machines are a fundamental aid when it comes to using automation to prepare recipes that usually require a great deal of time and manual work. These pasteurizing machines contain the very latest Carpigiani technology for certain results and maximum practical use.
  • Heating & cooling via dry bain-marie system guarantees consistent heat exchange, performance and energy consumption. Also avoids potential burns or encrustations on the cylinder surfaces.
  • To ensure the success of each program, the display guides the operator, showing the production phases, temperatures, and suggestions for adding ingredients. 
  • The machine includes a recipe book with detailed recipes and information on ingredients that can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code on the front of the machine. 
  • The scraper paddles of the beater and the special form of the removable flap create a spiral movement in the mix, vertically and horizontally, to guarantee complete mixing and cooking of the product. 

- Convenience: 

  • Scan the QR Code on the front of the machine to access the most up to date equipment information: Instruction Manual, Carpi Care kit & Carpi Clean kit. 
  • The extraction spigot has three positions
  • Ergonomic lid 
  • Durable rubber shelf mat 

- Savings: 

Energy savings thanks to the high efficiency electric motors and high performance capacitors. 

- Safety: 

  • Protection 
  • Steel shelf 
  • Black-Out and Water Supply Cut-Off 
  • Double safety Extraction Spigot 
  • When the temperature exceeds 50 °C during hot productions, the display turns red to warn the operator that the products inside the machine are heating and cooking. 
  • Reduced risk of injury, with corners even more rounded where the operator works. 

- Hygiene: 

  • Washing of the cylinder can be sped up by heating the surface, which rapidly detaches and melts any residual fat left over from production. 
  • Once washing has been completed, all humidity can be eliminated from the cylinder with the drying program, essential before tempering chocolate.
  • The extraction chute is removable 
  • The Monolithic upper cylinder and spigot are a single continuous piece


Incorporated in 1946, Carpigiani quickly established itself as the market leader in the production of machines for gourmet gelato, better known as Italian-style ice cream. As the culture of Italian ice cream spread across the globe during the 1960s and 1970s, Carpigiani began to expand rapidly all over the world, opening its first overseas branches and developing a sales network of exclusive dealerships which have since guaranteed widespread distribution and continuous, prompt support for end users


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