The Multi-Spray

Original: Switzerland Brand: Krea Swiss

Code: 11-111-055

Wire length: 1.8m

Capacity: 700ml

Weight: 1.3kg

Delivery rate max. (water): 250 g/min

Viscosity max. (DIN-sec.): 80 DIN/sec

Rated Power: 60W

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The Multi-Spray

The multi-SPRAY has been designed as a general purpose food gun. It is configured to operate with a range of low to high viscosity food materials: from oil and water to egg wash, butter, sauce, glaze and chocolate.
Product Details
Wire length1.8 m
Capacity700 ml
Weight (Kg)1.3 Kg
Delivery rate max. (water)250 g/min
Viscosity max. (DIN-sec.)80 DIN/sec
Rated Power60 W
Outstanding Features
BEFORE STARTING: please ensure that the container is at least 50% full. Do not use the multiSPRAY without material or spray until completely empty. This avoids creating unnecessary noise & vibration and prevents splatter.
The power setting and piston size of the multiSPRAY allow it to deliver up to 250 grams of water per minute, with a maximum possible viscosity of up to 80 DIN/ sec. This is sufficient to lightly coat circa 7 - 12 m2 using a surface pattern of about 10 cm, sprayed at approximately 30 cm distance.
 • Before starting, turn the power knob completely to the left. This is the maximum power setting and after a few seconds it will allow sufficient suction for spraying the material. Adjust the power knob as required until the sprayer demonstrates a fine spray and makes an even tone. 
 • Maintain a constant distance and smooth movement. 
• Avoid shaking the gun or sharp movements as this will cause droplets. 
• Varying the speed of arm movement, the height and number of coatings, will vary the effect and thickness of sprayed material. 
• It is recommended to start and stop the sideways movement off the product and only press the power button when over the product. This helps reduce the volume being sprayer at the turning point. 
IMPORTANT: Always remove the electric parts before washing the gun. These parts should never be exposed to liquids. Always clean immediately after use. For external cleaning, simply wipe down the outside of the sprayer with a dish soap.
 For internal cleaning, we recommend to spray half a container of very hot water through and then clean the individual parts using a suitable dishwashing detergent. Careful use of a soft pipe cleaning brush is also recommended. Care should be taken not to damage the cylinder by using abrasive or sharp tools. If available, blowing air through the nozzle can ease the cleaning process. Rinse thoroughly thereafter with hot clean water.