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Kitchen Ingredients and Equipment for Bakeries, Restaurants, and Hotels

United Vision is a reputable supplier of kitchen ingredients and industrial kitchen equipment with over 10 years of experience. We are currently one of the direct importers and distributors of ingredients and industrial kitchen machinery in Vietnam. Many of our products are proudly distributed exclusively in the Vietnamese market.

This gives us more opportunities to provide you with the most competitive services and prices nationwide.

Product Lines and Services Specialized by United Vision:

United Vision offers a comprehensive system of products and services in the field of pastry and bakery kitchens, industrial kitchens, as well as the food service industry in general:

  • Machinery: A diverse range of machines imported from leading global brands such as Unox, Coldline, Pavoni, Skipio, etc. These products are durable, versatile, and high-capacity.
  • Molds and Tools: Over 300 models of 3D molds, chocolate molds, and tools in the baking industry from top global brands (Gi Metal, Pavoni, Chocolate World). These products are known for their high durability and safety for users.
  • Ingredients: Chocolate ingredients, pastry ingredients, ice cream ingredients, food coloring...
  • Consultation Services for Kitchen Space Design, Construction, Installation, and Maintenance of Machinery Nationwide

The product and service system at United Vision is thoroughly researched, aiming for smart and versatile applications in three major areas: HORECA, Pastry & Bakery, and Ingredients.

Paris Gatô

Paris Gatô

Paris Gatô

What Makes United Vision's Products Special?

With attractive policies and a disciplined, experienced team, United Vision quickly develops and takes pride in being a unit that promptly incorporates modern technology applications into baking kitchens.

With a desire to push the food industry in Vietnam forward, United Vision always strives to approach large, reputable brands worldwide. From this, we confidently share with all our customers the excellence derived from applying modern technology to the cooking process.

A comprehensive and intelligent experience is what United Vision consistently strives to provide to its customers in the industrial kitchen, bakery, and restaurant-hotel sectors.

Some Brands and Representative Partners That Have Used United Vision's Products and Services

United Vision is the exclusive distributor of many kitchen equipment and baking ingredient brands worldwide. Therefore, we always receive excellent and prompt support from suppliers in the Asian and Vietnamese markets. Customers who have worked with us are always satisfied with the quality of service and products at United Vision. We believe and will continue to make efforts to ensure your greater satisfaction with us.


Nationwide Showroom System of United Vision – Ready to Serve You Everywhere:

With three showrooms located in major cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi, United Vision is always ready to serve customers in every province nationwide. Fast, professional, and dedicated service is always the criterion that United Vision aims for.

Customers can easily visit the showrooms to experience demonstrations of the world's leading machine systems available at United Vision or contact us through the following channels:


  • HCMC: 07 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Ward 09, District 05
  • Da Nang: 452 Nguyen Huu Tho, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District
  • Hanoi: 188 Thai Thinh street, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District


United Vision - Innovative Foodservice Solutions, the leading importer and distributor of industrial kitchen machinery in Vietnam. We specialize in designing, consulting, installing, and maintaining industrial kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, eateries, bakeries, food stores, bars, and more. At United Vision, you are guaranteed the most efficient kitchen design to help you maximize the use of the available space.