Bakery Showcase SKIPIO SB1500-1D1R

Original: China Brand: SKIPIO
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Bakery Showcase SKIPIO SB1500-1D1R

SKIPIO SB1500-1D1R uses today's most advanced product display and preservation technology to help cakes always be stored at the right temperature and always retain the softness and freshness of food.

Product Details

Dimensions1500 x 800 x 1100 mm
Weight160 kg
Power942 W
Temperature3 --> 8*C
Voltage220V - 60Hz - 1phase

Outstanding Features


  • SKIPIO refrigerator owns R-404a refrigerant which is rated as specialized and safe, but still ensures the best price for users. R-404a for the refrigerator to quickly reach the desired temperature. And keep that temperature even for a long time of use.
  • Equipped with the most modern insulation available today: Polyurethane / Cyclopentane + CFC Free allows the SKIPIO Display Cabinet to achieve good thermal stability and is almost unaffected by outside temperatures - which makes your products easy to use. easily lost its wonderful original structure.
  • Modern design, extremely high detail finishing makes the machine capable of durable operation
  • Solid, modern cabinet glass helps the cabinet not to fog up. Your products are always kept in the best place and absolutely do not limit the view of the buyer.