Unox Cheftop Mind.Map Plus 20 Trays GN1/1 | 530x325

Original: Italia Brand: Unox


  • Code: XEVL2011YPRS
  • Capacity: 20 Trays GN1/1 530x325 mm
  • Pitch: 67 mm
  • Demensions: 892 x 1018 x 1875 mm
  • Weight: 292 Kg
  • Type of opening: Right to left
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Unox CHEFTOP MIND.Maps Plus 20 Trays GN1/1 | 530x325

The Unox CHEFTOP MIND.Maps Plus oven has many outstanding features compared to other lines, providing optimum convenience for chefs and bakeries. The intelligence and the advanced technology of the Oven will fascinate you immediately.

Product details




20Trays GN1/1 530x325 mm


67 mm


892 x 1018 x 1875 mm


292 Kg

Type of opening

Right to left


380-415 V – 3P – 50/60 Hz


38.5 kW



Convection baking

30 – 260°C

Mixed humidity an convection baking

30 – 260°C


Unox Intelligent Performance 

-          ADAPTIVE.CookingTM: automatically regulates the cooking parameters to ensure repeatable results

-          CLIMALUXTM: total control of the humidity in the cooking chamber

-          SMART.Preheating: sets automatically the temperature and the duration of the preheating

-          AUTO.Soft: manages the heat rise to make it more delicate

-          SENSE.Klean: estimates how dirty the oven is and suggests appropriate automatic cleaning

Unox Intensive Cooking 

-          DRY.MaxiTM: rapidly extracts the humidity from the cooking chamber

-         STEAM.MaxiTM: produces saturated steam starting from 35°C 

-         AIR.MaxiTM: multiple fans with reverse gear and 4 speed settings

-         EFFICIENT.Power: ENERGY STAR certifed energy effciency

-         PRESSURE.Steam: increases the saturation and temperature of steam

Data Driven Cooking 

-          Wi-Fi connection

- control the oven usage in real time, create and send recipes from your PC to your ovens

-          DDC.App: monitor all connected ovens in real time from your smartphone 

-          DDC.Coach: analyses the way in which you use the oven and suggests personalised recipes

Manual Cooking 

Convection cooking from 30°C to 260°C 

Mixed convection + steam cooking starting from 35°C with STEAM.MaxiTM from 30% to 90%

Convection + humidity cooking starting from 48°C with STEAM.MaxiTM from 10% to 20%

Saturated steam cooking starting from 48°C to 130°C with STEAM.MaxiTM 100%

Convection cooking + forced humidity extraction from 30°C with DRY.MaxiTM from 10% to 100%

Cooking with core probe and DELTA T function 

MULTI.Point core probe - excluding models XEVC-0311-EPRM / XECC-0523-EPRM

Advanced And Automatic Cooking 

MIND.MapsTM: draw the cooking processes directly on the display

PROGRAMMES: up to 384 programmes that can be saved with name, picture or handwritten signature

CHEFUNOX: choose something to cook from the library and the oven will automatically set all the parameters

MULTI.Time: manages up to 10 cooking processes at the same time

MISE.EN.PLACE: synchronises the insertion of pans so that all the dishes are ready at the same time

Automatic Cleaning 

Rotor.KLEANTM: 4 automatic cleaning programmes 

Rotor.KLEANTM: water and detergent level detector - excluding models XEVC-0311-EPRM / XECC-0523-EPRM 

Integrated DET&RinseTM detergent container 

Auxiliary Functions 

Electromechanical and automatic horizontally-opening door, right-to-left; only for Matic versions 

Auxiliary Functions 

 Preheating up to 260°C can be set by the user for each programme 

Remaining cooking time display 

Holding cooking mode “HOLD” and continuous functioning “INF”

Display of the nominal value of the cooking parameters

Performance And Safety  

Protek.SAFETM: automatic fan stop on opening the door

Protek.SAFETM: power modulation of electricity depending on actual need

Technical Details 

 9.5” touchscreen capacitive control panel

7” touchscreen resistive control panel 

Drip collection system integrated in the door and functional even with the door open

Removable drip tray that can be connected to the drain

4-speed multiple fan system and high-performance circular resistance

Detachable internal glass door for ease of cleaning 

Proximity door contact switch 

Self-diagnosis system to detect problems or breakdowns