Spiral Mixer AEF050 (50 Kg Flour/80 Kg Dough)

Original: Portugal Brand: Ferneto


  • Code: AEF050
  • Dimension: 675 x 1200 x 1450 mm
  • Weight: 493 Kg
  • Voltage: 400V – 3N
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Its well-known ability to adapt to different types of dough in small and large quantities, without affecting the identity of the original handmade process, makes Ferneto’s F series spiral mixer the choice of bakery and patisserie professionals. 

Product Detail:

Code AEF050 
Dimension 675 x 1200 x 1450 mm 
Capacity Max 50 (Flour) - Max 80 (Dough) 
Capacity of the bowl 112L 
Weight 493 Kg 
Voltage 400V – 3N – 1.9 kW

The advantages of product: 

•    The recognized ability to adapt to different types of dough, in small and large quantities, without cancelling the identity of the artisanal process, makes the AEF spiral mixer the ideal equipment for productions with a wide variety of products and processes. 

•    The design of the spiral, combined with the synchronism of the speeds between the spiral and bowl results in excellent work on gluten networks and optimal water absorption levels. 

•    The possibility of an integrated inverter, in addition to energy optimization, allows finding the ideal kneading intensity for each product. 

•    Available in standard painted carbon steel or stainless steel and marine IPX or USPHS versions, in models of 12, 30, 50, 80 and 100Kg of flour. 

Standard-production equipment: 

•    55-100% hydration: excellent oxygenation and water absorption in the dough 

•    Standard - white painted carbon steel frame 

•    Feet in AISI 304 stainless steel and castors 

•    2 synchronized speeds (hook and bowl) 

•    Bowl with central poste 

•    Allows 5% of the total bowl capacity to be kneaded 

•    Drain cap 

•    IT1 - Bowl reversal 

•    Digital control 

•    TTP - Technical polymer bowl’s safety cover 

•    Spiral hook in stainless steel 

•    CE  


Since 1986, FERNETO has been challenging us to develop solutions able to generate value for our customers, always ensuring the respect for their cultures and traditions. 

We count on with the work and dedication of our more than 200 employees (Portugal, Spain, Mozambique and Brazil), the proximity of our distributors (commercially and technically prepared to defend and value our brand) and the cooperation of our partners, in among which we highlight our customers, with whom we have learned and evolved.