Rational iCombi Classic GN1/1 6 Trays

Original: Germany Brand: Rational


  • Code: CB2ERRA.0001146
  • Capacity: 6 x GN1/1
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 850x842x804mm (The Depth and Height are including door handle and ventilation pipe) 
  • Power: 400 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
  • Connected load: 10.8kW
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The iCombi Classic. The ideal solution for those who require reliable technology for their daily challenges. 

Replace for many devices in the traditional kitchen with compact size. The iCombi Classic allowing to created many different cooking programs on the machine. Along with many different cooking modes such as steaming and grilling... It's a perfect equipments that gives you a great experience when preparing dishes.

Product Details:

Capacity6 x GN1/1 
Weight95 kg 
Dimensions (WxDxH)850x842x804mm (The Depth and Height are including door handle and ventilation pipe) 
Power400 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz 
Connected load10.8kW
Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C 
Material Stainless Steel

The advantages of product: 

- Extended networking: The optional LAN or WiFi interface allows integration in ConnectedCooking, the RATIONAL networking solution. 

- Fan wheels: Together with the cooking cabinet design, up to 3 fan wheels provide optimal distribution of the heat providing high energy input into the food. For uniform results and high productivity. 

- Cleaning and descaling: Automatic clean, including overnight, phosphate-free cleaner tabs and reduced consumption of detergent - it could not get cleaner than that. The care system also prevents scale. 

- LED cooking cabinet lighting: Trust is good, control is better: With the high light intensity and neutral light colour, the external cooking level can be identified quickly. 

- Easy to use: Dial with push function, colour display, clear symbols on the user interface, so that you can work intuitively and without errors. 

- Simple programming: Individual programming with up to 100 programs, with multi-step cooking processes of up to 12 steps. For endlessly reproducible results. 

- ClimaPlus: Top dehumidification performance and the ability to set humidity in 10 % stages create a precise cooking cabinet climate. For fast results. 

- ENERGY STAR®Partner: The key value is energy-efficiency. This is why the iCombi Classic has been tested by the strictest certification programme. 

You also receive exclusive and FREE access to RATIONAL ServicePlus: 

  • ChefLine – Our RATIONAL Chefs are available to you 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer any of your application or recipe questions 
  • ConnectedCooking – access to our networked platform which will allow you remote access to your units, automatic software updates, HACCP documentation and access to over 1000 recipes and videos from around the world 
  • Academy RATIONAL – additional 1 day training seminar for you and your staff 
  • RATIONAL Service Partners – our combi ovens are reliable and built to last, however should you encounter technical issues, our service partners can provide fast and efficient assistance


Rational has distributed 1,200,000 devices on the market. Rational's cooking system has become the standard in professional kitchens worldwide. According to a Kantar TNS 2018 survey, up to 98% of customers in markets such as Germany, the UK, and the US confirm being extremely satisfied and willing to recommend Rational to other customers.