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Original: China Brand: Hatco


  • Code: IWRM-CD1-05
  • Dimension (W-D-H): 330x450x57mm
  • Voltage: 220V/60 | 300W | 50-60Hz | 2.3A
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5Kg
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Hatco’s patented Palletti® Countertop Professional Induction Warmers offer a safe, efficient and attractive way to keep hot foods hot. Perfect for serving applications such as buffet lines and hospitality suites. The warmer has five simple and precise settings, which allow for a wide variety of foods to be held both safely and at optimum quality. The units are also memory retentive, so once turned off and back on, the last setting will resume. 
This unit has a low-profile and ultra-thin design in all black, so the focus remains on the food rather than the equipment. Choose either the stand-alone countertop (120V only) which offers the greater 600 watts of power for large volumes or the lower watt daisy chain countertop unit where multiple units can be interconnected

Product Details:

Code IWRM-CD1-05 
Dimension (W-D-H) 330x450x57mm 
Voltage 220V/60 | 300W | 50-60Hz | 2.3A 
Shipping Weight 5.5Kg

Standard features:

  • Portable and adaptable for buffets and many other front-of thehouse applications to give the most attractive and visible food presentations
  • Energy efficient, quiet and safe operation with no open flames as with traditional warming presentations
  • Pan Sense Technology (PST) activates the unit only when a suitable pan is placed on top
  • Contemporary, low-profile design with a Bold Black housing and durable, black glass-ceramic top that is easy to clean
  • Features a control panel with a standby key, temperature control arrow keys and temperature setting indicators
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Low wattage warmers which can be interconnected with multiple units to one electrical outlet resulting in great energy efficiency and a simple cord management system
  • Maximum number of interconnected units: 
+ IWRM-CD1-03: 5 for the US and 4 for Canada 
+ IWRM-CD1-05: 5 units with SCHUKO and BS plugs and 4 units for units with CCC and AU plugs
  • 17" (432 mm) interconnect cord


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Built on a tradition of excellence. From the corporate offices in Milwaukee to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, WI. All Hatco equipment is produced with a commitment to quality.It uses a series of quality checks and tests to meet rigid performance standards for every product. 

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