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Original: Italy Brand: Sirman


  • Code: Pacojet 4
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 497 x 204 x 365
  • Weight: 22.5 kg
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Pacojet 4
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Pacojet 4 is a specialized food processing for commercial kitchens. It has the ability to assist you in: Blending and emulsifying almost any type of food, including deep-frozen food into super smooth textures such as sorbets, ice cream, minced meat, mousses, soup... Powerful operation with high performance, bringing outstanding efficiency to help minimize food processing time at restaurants and hotels. Especially during rush hours.

Product details:

Code Pacojet 4 
Dimension (H x W x D) 497 x 204 x 365 
Weight 22.5 kg 
Nominal power consumption 1500 W 
Voltage 220–240 V / 50–60 Hz

The advantages of product: 

The new Pacojet 4 stands out with its many new features, including the option of pacotizing® certain recipes in just 90 seconds.

The new Pacojet is exceptionally quiet while providing outstanding results in combination with maximum productivity – and therefore now meets long-held customer wishes. 

- Large Touchscreen: The large touchscreen offering intuitive user guidance with an animated assistance feature; and a smart device detection mode to protect against misuse. The user interface is designed for use in professional kitchen environments. 

- Device Settings: 

+ Jet® mode; Choose between pacotizing® with the classic Pacotize® mode in 4 minutes or the Jet® mode in 90 seconds. The Jet® mode allows you to very quickly prepare certain recipes with a high sugar and fat content (e.g., ice creams). This means you can further increase your productivity. Expanded automatic repeat mode 

+ Pacotize® on repeat up to 10 times: This results in particularly light and creamy consistencies with maximum time efficiency. 

+ Work with overpressure or normal pressure: When using overpressure, the Pacojet works at up to 1 bar. This results in a volume expansion of approx. 20–30%. This is ideal for creating foods such as mousses with a creamy-light consistency and for intensifying flavors. 

- Save recipe settings: Saving and loading settings for preparing your favorite recipes makes your kitchen even more efficient. 

- New features: 

+ The tool detection feature ensures that the correct tool has been properly attached. 

+ With the spray guard detection feature, you can be confident that the spray guard is positioned correctly.

+ The fill level detection feature notifies you when the pacotizing® beaker is too full. 

+ WIFI feature: Connecting the Pacojet via WIFI allows the Pacojet Service Center to detect error sources quickly and easily. 

+ Standby feature: during prolonged periods of inactivity, the Pacojet switches to energy-saving standby mode (the inactivity period can be adjusted), yet is instantly ready to use when you touch the display. 

- Easy cleaning of the Pacojet: Thanks to the display-guided cleaning program, you can clean your Pacojet device very easily at the press of a button and without much equipment.


Pacojet is a sub-brand of Sirman - Italy. For more than 50 years Sirman has been producing the best equipment for professionals in the kitchen, meat processing and and organized distribution sector. They have constantly committed with a high level of organization and teamwork to fulfill the needs of over 600 dealers nationally and 126 countries worldwide with products entirely designed and made in Italy. Today Sirman is a leader in the industry thanks to the most comprehensive range of food processing machines, designed with a perfect combination of technology and dependability, innovations and solutions to meet and exceed the demands of restaurants, bars, pizzerias, supermarkets...