Norimaki Maker & Roller ASM880CE-185cm (Mats)

Original: Japan Brand: AUTEC


  • Code: ASM880CE-185
  • Weight: Approx. 45 Kg
  • Dimensions: 360×569×733 mm
  • Voltage: 230V – 1N – 75W
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Norimaki Maker & Roller is a device that shortens the process of making Norimaki rolls. With this machine, you can easily make sushi rolls with eye-catching and uniform shapes without spending too much time. This is a great solution for restaurants and eateries specializing in Japanese cuisine, Japanese restaurants where attached a large number of guests, requiring fast service speed.

Product Details: 

Code ASM880CE-185 
Power Supply AC230V 
Power Consumption 75W 
Hopper Capacity Approx. 10Kg 
Dimensions 360 x 569 x 733 mm 
Weight Approx. 45 Kg

The advantages of product: 

The device is easy to operate. It also allows you to set up flexibly: 

•    The parts of the machine are lighter in weight so that the cleaning and assembly process will be easier. 

•    New design of model ASM880CE with new rice stirring feature. The capacity of the hopper has also been increased to 10kg for more efficient production. 

•    The machine can remember the settings of the previous use. You just need to put the mat to the machine and the device can automatically run with this previous setting. 

•    The device can also produce long rolls of rice, so you can use it to make many different types of sushi rolls. You can also change the way you scroll from the inside out by modify the settings. 

•    The operation to change the mat is easy. After changing the new mat, the machine will automatically adjust the size of the rice pad to match with the size of the new one. 

•    Parts used Teflon coatings are not used. No worries about exfoliation of body surface. It can reduce running costs due to no need for recoating. 

•    The heat-retaining hopper keeps sushi rice at a suitable temperature for a long time. 


While honoring the heritage of our audio equipment manufacturer DNA, AUTEC is expanding our world through ideas and imagination uninhibited by the ordinary. We ensure that each and every one of our highly functional machines can be entrusted to improve efficiency and convey the culture of Japanese cuisine, expanding into a global network that looks ahead toward the future.