Norimaki Cutter ASM260CE-185cm (6,8,10 pcs)

Original: Japan Brand: AUTEC


  • Code: ASM260CE8-185
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Dimensions: W 379 x D 290 x H 497 mm
  • Voltage: AC100V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz – 35W
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Norimaki cutter is a device that shortens the processing of Norimaki rolls. This machine can help you to cutting sushi rolls into bite-sized pieces in the simple and more efficient way. You can modify it to cut a rice roll (185cm) into 6 pieces, 8 pieces or 10 pieces. High operating efficiency helps to save maximum processing time. This is a great solution for restaurants and eateries specializing in Japanese cuisine, Japanese restaurants where attached a large number of guests, requiring fast service speed.

Product Details: 

Code ASM260CE8-185 
Power Supply AC100V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz 
Power Consumption 35W 
Production Capacity  Up to 600 pcs per hour
※Including putting Norimaki action for 2sec.
  • Small maki(25mm) 4 pcs(2,400pcs per hour)
  • Medium maki(35mm) 2 pcs(1,200pcs per hour)
  • Large maki(45mm) 1pcs(600pcs per hour)
※The production capacity varies depending on the setting and the conditions
Range of Norimaki sizes  Thickness:
  • Equivalent to 25 square – 50 square(mm)
  • Length: Lengthwise roll(for 6/8 pcs) 180-190mm                
                      Yoko roll( for 10 pcs) 200-210mm 
Cutting Size(mm) 
  • For 6 pcs cut : 30 each
  • For 8 pcs cut : 22.5 each
  • For 10 pcs cut : 20 each 
Dimensions W 379 x D 290 x H 497 mm
※Excluding the Power cord and protruding parts
Weight 17 kg

The advantages of product: 

Cutting operation be shortened. Anyone can cut Norimaki easily and quickly. Its nice appearance make your sales increase: 

•    Reduce daily work of shop staff 

•    Cut beautifully like human made 

•    New design, especially easy to assemble and clean 

•    Protecting cutter blades  with ”Smart Brake  Structure” 

•    With double safety systems, it achieved safety-oriented design and secure the safety of operator. 


While honoring the heritage of our audio equipment manufacturer DNA, AUTEC is expanding our world through ideas and imagination uninhibited by the ordinary. We ensure that each and every one of our highly functional machines can be entrusted to improve efficiency and convey the culture of Japanese cuisine, expanding into a global network that looks ahead toward the future.