Modular 4T 40x60 Deck Oven 23cm (Steam)

Original: Italy Brand: zucchelli


  • Code: ZFUV018-S
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1600x1675x370 mm
  • Tray: 40x60 cm
  • Chamber height: 23cm
  • Voltage: 400V – 3N – 50-60Hz
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Modular 4T 40x60 Deck Oven 23cm (Steam) from Zucchelli is an oven that suitable for baking or pastry-making workshops. Can be modulated: The possibility to personalize oven at will (number and height of the chambers, support type, humidifier, etc…) allows adapting it to the specific needs of each client.

Product Details:

Code ZFUV018-S 
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1600x1675x370 mm 
Tray 40x60 cm 
Chamber height 23cm 
Number of tray 04 
Voltage  400V – 3N – 50-60Hz

Standard outfit: 

•    Independent electric chamber: The electric chamber is totally independent from the oven. It is possible to use any function of it regardless of the oven status. 

•    Computerized electric chamber control panel: Digital electronic controller fitted as standard with: economizer, storable programs, delayed oven start-up, baking end timer alarm, control of steam heating element and ceiling and plate temperature control with dual thermostat and dual probe in each chamber 

•    Oven on support feet: The oven comes on four metal feet with a register to level in case of uneven floor. Feet are available in three different heights (see finishing). 

Available optional: 

•    Oven front in “linen web”: Oven is normally supplied with satined stainless steel front. On request it can be in LINEN WEB stainless steel 

•    Satined stainless steel finishing: Oven is normally supplied with a painted sheet external paneling; on request, it can be in satined stainless steel 

•    Motorized steam suction hood: The oven must be provided with hood. The hood is supplied, as standard, without extractor. Upon request oven can be provided with a steam extractor in the hood. The steam suction housing is always made of stainless steel. 

•    Oven on wheels: As an alternative to the adjustable feet supplied as standard with the oven, it is possible to install four Ø80 swivel wheels; The front ones have brakes. 

•    Humidifier: Upon request oven can be supplied with humidifier. The high production of steam of the new humidifier makes this oven suitable also for baking. The humidifier is positioned under the oven which must therefore always have a proofer. 


Founded as an artisan company, ZUCCHELLI FORNI S.p.A. has produced baking and pastry ovens for forty years. Over the years, this experience has been converted into skill and professionalism, transforming the company into an industry benchmark. 

The technologically advanced machinery and the careful selection of the materials used, besides ensuring a high quality standard, provide a guarantee of excellence of every single ZUCCHELLI FORNI S.p.A. product, aligned with the expectations of the market and the customer. 

ZUCCHELLI FORNI S.p.A. is a dynamic company that is constantly investing in technology and research to develop solutions that are always at the forefront in terms of efficiency, safety and quality.