Maruzen Gas Udon Boiler Freestanding

Original: Japan Brand: Maruzen


  • Code: MGU-066G 
  • Dimension: 600x600x800 mm 
  • Basket Dimensions: 440×370×360mm
  • Tank Capacity: 58L 
  • Weight: 103 Kg
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01 Machine
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Gas Udon Boiler Freestanding from Maruzen. The product delivers optimal performance, saves energy and space. It also ensures user safety. An indispensable device for delicious Udon noodles served to customers who love Japanese cuisine.

Product Details:

Code MGU-066G 
Dimension 600x600x800 mm 
Tank quantity 01 
Basket Dimensions 440×370×360mm 
Tank Capacity 58L 
Gas Consumption City Gas: 22.1kW (19,000kcal/h)
LPG: 21.4kW (1.53kg/h) 
Gas connection City Gas: 20A
LPG: 20A 
Drain Opening 25A/20A 
Weight 103 Kg

Information about product: 

  • Deep tank design is support your work more easily with large storage capacity.
  • Products have the outstanding feature is energy savings while still ensure to help the user get the high production efficiency. It is the ideal device for business purposes. 

Feature of the product:

  • The machine using the material SUS316L. The best anti-corrosion material among stainless steels. This material constitutes the detail of the boiler and the top surface of the device. Bringing high durability. The device is a specialized product suitable for Udon noodles.
  • Energy-saving type with a difference in thermal efficiency. The triple insulation structure (including air insulation layer) provides excellent heat efficiency and prevents the body from rising.
  • Design for safety: The top plate is made with water-filled construction, and does not stick to noodles, and prevents the temperature from rising. Enough for safety
  • The boiling tank is equipped with a basket: No need to worry about scooping boiled noodles with a net, etc., and it can be carried directly to the sink, so you can perform work efficiently.


MARUZEN has been over half century history as a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. We have developed wide variety of kitchen equipment to meet the various needs and become one of the top brands in Japan. Our mission is not only for supporting our customers but also providing wealthy eating habit and contributing to food culture of human being.