Maruzen Gas Table Power Freestanding (750 Depth)

Original: Japan Brand: Maruzen


  • Code: RGT-1575D
  • Dimension: 1500 x 750 x 800 +200 mm 
  • Gas Consumption: 61 kW
  • Gas Connection: 25A
  • Weight: 151 Kg
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The NEW Power Cook Series from Maruzen is a device that helps improve cooking in the kitchen. Solid design, durable performance, low gas consumption, so it is more cost-effective for business use. With 05 burners, users can use it to process many dishes at the same time, significantly increasing productivity. A device worth investing in for medium and large scale industrial kitchens.

Product Details:

Code RGT-1575D 
Dimension 1500 x 750 x 800 +200 mm 
Number of Burners 5 Burners
[Φ95] 2; [Φ190] 3 
Gas Consumption 61 kW 
Gas Connection 25A 
Weight 151 Kg

Feature of the product:

  • One of the best high-power burners in the industry is adopted. For the top burner, we have 3 types of fire powers: 16.9kW (14,500 kcal/h) which is the most powerful in the industry, 13.4kW (11,500 kcal/h) and 5.23kW (5,500 kcal/h). Each type of burners has a 3D structure to equalize the gas pressure in the burner, generating well-balanced flames from the ports. This realizes lean and effective burning. Also the burner top is newly designed in the shape hard to be clogged even when boiling over, which enables daily maintenaince easy. The pilot burner is placed below the drip receiver, also protected by a protective cover to avoid clogging.
  • Durable and strong large full-surface trivet. Large trivet is adopted for a hard use. The shape and design is thick and good in durability to hold pans and pots stably and make it easy to move heavy pots.
  • Simply operated top burner gas cock. It is simply enough to adjust the fire power of the inner and outer rings of top burner with only one gas cock. Also with the fire power positions marked, the operation is easy and convenient.
  • The gas stove knob is located on the front of the device and is protected by a cover detail to prevent grease from getting in and jamming the knob.


MARUZEN has been over half century history as a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. We have developed wide variety of kitchen equipment to meet the various needs and become one of the top brands in Japan. Our mission is not only for supporting our customers but also providing wealthy eating habit and contributing to food culture of human being.