Maruzen Gas Table Freestanding (600 Depth)

Original: Japan Brand: Maruzen


  • Code: MGT-096DS
  • Dimension: 900 x 600 x 800 mm
  • Gas Consumption: 30.2 kW 
  • Gas Connection: 25A
  • Weight: 48 Kg
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01 Machine
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The industrial gas range and gas table from Maruzen is a device that improves the work in the commercial kitchen. Certain design, durable performance, low gas consumption. So it is more cost-effective for business. With 03 burners, users can use it to process many dishes at the same time, significantly increasing productivity. A device worth investing in for small and medium sized industrial kitchens.

Product Details:

Code MGT-096DS 
Dimension 900 x 600 x 800 mm 
Number of Burners 
Gas Consumption 30.2 kW 
Gas Connection 25A 
Weight 48 Kg

Feature of the product:

  • Top burner has a clogging-preventive structure which is safe from fire dying out by boiling over.
  • Heating from below and from the top effectively heats the oven up, offering an even and best finish of the cooked food.
  • Our original air heat insulating design prevents the main body from overheating.
  • The oven is fully made of stainless steel. It is not only improving durability but also excellent from a sanitary point of view. Especially, frosted SUS 430 No.4 is used for the top, which creates a sophisticated looking.
  • There are 14 models in total, 7 models for gas range, 5 models for gas table and 2 models for soup range. You can choose the best one for your purpose of use.
  • We also have option part of back guard for gas range / gas table and back guard and side guards for soup range respectively.


MARUZEN has been over half century history as a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. We have developed wide variety of kitchen equipment to meet the various needs and become one of the top brands in Japan. Our mission is not only for supporting our customers but also providing wealthy eating habit and contributing to food culture of human being.