Maruzen Gas Fryer Freestanding 23 L

Original: Japan Brand: Maruzen


  • Code: MGF-C23K 
  • Dimension: 530 x 600 x 800 +150 mm
  • Oil amount: 23L 
  • Gas Consumption: 11.6 kW 
  • Weight: 44 Kg
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Maruzen Bottom Heat Griller “Sumiyaki” Infrared burner type have the ability to cook beautifully grilled dishes, save fuel cost by 20% and substantially reduces smoke. With this device, your work will definitely be speeded up, efficiency is also significantly improved. It is an necessary device for restaurants specializing in Japanese cuisine.

Product Details:

Code MGF-C23K 
Dimension 530 x 600 x 800 +150 mm 
Oil amount (ℓ) 23L 
Gas Consumption 11.6 kW 
Weight 44 Kg

Feature of the product:

  • Whole oil tank is covered with heat insulator and air heat-insulation layer is provided around the oil tank. This allows the optimized air flow inside the device to take the heat of the body and finally to suppress the radiant heat from the device and reduce the surface temperature rise.
  • Removable heat protector is provided at front rail which is easy to access for cooker during cooking. This protector reduces the radiant heat and enhances safety when touching the front rail.
  • Large hole heat pipe with excellent thermal efficiency. Special-circulated heating method by large hole heat pipe realizes excellent thermal efficiency (in-house Product Comparison). Moreover, there is no waste to energy by heating the upper layer only of oil tank for cooking. It is energy saving. Additionally, oil temperature can be heated faster with possibility of speedy service even during peak time.
  • Easy–to-Clean Oil Tank Construction. It is easy to clean because the bottom of the oil tank can be easily reached with a hand. Turn the oil drain cock to drain oil into the waste oil tank with casters.
  • Preventing Pilot Burner Clogging. The pilot burner is equipped with a nozzle cleaning mechanism that allows you to easily clean clogged nozzles.
  • Numerous Functions to prevent unexpected Troubles. The temperature control dial and gas cock are covered to prevent ingress of accidentally splattered oil. The exhaust stack cover prevents small objects from falling down. There are also a flame rod and an overheat protection device.
  • Oil Circulation Prevents Oxidization for Good Frying. Oil inside the tank circulates at all times to prevent uneven heating and oxidization. Fried scraps sink to the lower temperature area so it is possible to always cook in the clean area at a proper temperature.
  • Accurate Oil Temperature Control and Reliable Auto-ignition. The thermostat keeps the oil temperature at the proper temperature within 160°C to 220°C . Ignition is initiated through a quick and reliable piezoelectric auto-ignition method.
  • It is easier to clean and install the gas pipes. We made a space which is 150mm higher than the ground.That makes the cleaning and installing the gas pipes easier


MARUZEN has been over half century history as a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. We have developed wide variety of kitchen equipment to meet the various needs and become one of the top brands in Japan. Our mission is not only for supporting our customers but also providing wealthy eating habit and contributing to food culture of human being.