Maruzen Gas Bottom Heat Griller "Sumiyaki" Tabletop

Original: Japan Brand: Maruzen


  • Code: MGKS-308 
  • Dimension: 930 x 535 x 265 mm 
  • Gas Consumption: 13 kW
  • Weight: 64.5 Kg
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Maruzen Bottom Heat Griller “Sumiyaki” Infrared burner type have the ability to cook beautifully grilled dishes, save fuel cost by 20% and substantially reduces smoke. With this device, your work will definitely be speeded up, efficiency is also significantly improved. It is an necessary device for restaurants specializing in Japanese cuisine.

Product Details:

Code MGKS-308 
Dimension 930 x 535 x 265 mm 
Rubber tube end: 9.5mm 
Gas Consumption 13 kW
Weight 64.5 Kg

Feature of the product:

  • Outstanding far-infrared effect. Bottom heat/ infrared burner type. Maruzen’s unique infrared burners are covered by a dome shaped special heat-proof glass, which emit a lot of far-infrared rays to grill. Especially, a lot of far-infrared rays enhance char-grill effect. So you can save fuel cost by 20% (average percent compared with our existing products) in the same cooking time with the same deliciousness after grilled. Moreover dome shape helps drip to drop on drip tray, which substantially reduces smoke.
  • Windbreak plate enhances efficiency. You can grill even on the corner of grill net: Windbreak plate prevents infrared rays from escaping to the outside and cool air from entering between grill net and burner. You can make use of infrared rays without waste and reduce cooking time. Moreover you can grill ingredients deliciously on any place of grill net even when the net is full of ingredients, because windbreak plate prevents cool air.
  • Height-adjustable according to delicate adjustment of the fire: You can adjust the fire through changing height of grill net and grate according to cooking ingredient’s size, amount, and shape.
  • Easy-to-use automatic firing/front layout: Automatic firing mechanism is provided for each burner. Energy saving style does not require to fire unnecessary burner. Knobs are arranged on the front, which makes operation easy.


MARUZEN has been over half century history as a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. We have developed wide variety of kitchen equipment to meet the various needs and become one of the top brands in Japan. Our mission is not only for supporting our customers but also providing wealthy eating habit and contributing to food culture of human being.