Unox Linemiss 4 Trays 460x330 (Manual H)

Original: Italia Brand: Unox


  • Code: XFT133
  • Capacity: 4 trays 460x330 mm
  • Pitch: 75 mm
  • Demensions: 600x655x429 mm
  • Weight: 31 Kg
  • Type of opening: From top to bottom
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1 Piece
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Unox Linemiss 4 Trays 460x330 (Manual H)

The UNOX convection oven uses exclusive AIR.Maxi technology to ensure even air diffusion, which helps the product to be baked evenly quickly. Currently, UNOX is the leading brand of convection ovens in the market with outstanding features and technologies.


Baking Modes

-          Convection baking 30 – 260°

-          Mixed humidity and convection baking 90°C - 260°C

Air Distribution In The Baking Chamber

-          AIR.Plus technology: fans with reversing gear on models 600x400

Clima Management In The Baking Chamber

-          DRY.Plus technology: quick extraction of the humidity from the baking chamber

-          STEAM.Plus technology: manual humidity injection

-          Pump that allows the oven to draw water from the tank, for models 460x330

-          Solenoid valve that allows the connection between oven and water directly, for models 600x400


-          Aluminium flat pans, for models 460x330

Auxiliary Functions 

Protek.SAFETM technology: maximum thermal efficiency and working safety, cool door glass and external surfaces

Visualisation of the residual baking time

Continuous functioning “INF”

Technical Details

Rounded stainless steel chamber for hygiene and easy of cleaning 

Chamber lighting through external LED lights

Light weight - heavy duty structure using innovative materials 

Proximity door contact switch on models 600x400

Safety temperature switch

Product details convection oven Unox Linemiss 4 trays (460x330mm)




4 Trays 460x330 mm


75 mm


600x655x429 mm


31 Kg

Type of opening

From top to bottom


230 V – 1P – 50/60 Hz


3 kW



Convection baking

80 – 260°C

Mixed humidity an convection baking

90 – 260°C

About Unox

Unox was incorporated in 1990 and breaks into the market of professional ovens with a product designed to bake frozen bread and frozen croissants without proofing. 

Thanks to the new AIR.MaxiTM technology that guarantees uniform air diffusion using multiple fans, UNOX immediately established itself as a market leader.

Our first ovens were the result of ideas, passion and pure craftsmanship. We have been able to create excellent products even when the help of technology was not possible, always looking for innovative solutions and smart thinking. We always pursuit continuous improvement not only in manufacturing processes but also in the tools and technologies we use to design our products.

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