LESTOV Induction Griddle Tabletop

Original: China Brand: Lestov


  • Code: LT-TPL-B105
  • Dimension: 550 x 530 x 300+100mm
  • Iron Plate Size: 450 x 350 x 18mm 
  • Weight: 40 Kg 
  • Electrical Connection: 3.5KW / 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase
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This commercial flat-top griddle has a cast iron pan over 18mm thick, capable of instant heating and temperature recovery. You can control the oil temperature through the induction thermometer in the menu in the grid. It will be the best griddle grill in your restaurant, barbecue party, and taco booth.

Product details:

Code LT-TPL-B105 
Product Size 550 x 530 x 300+100mm 
Iron Plate Size 450 x 350 x 18mm 
Weight 40 Kg 
Electrical Connection 3.5KW / 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase


  • Induction Heating: Using induction heating technology, more than 95% energy efficiency, and eco-conscious designs. 
  • Stainless Steel: All-metal stainless steel panels bring durable construction and easy cleaning, working from -5℃ to 50℃. 
  • Thermostatic: The thermostatic control allows you to preset and adjust the frying temperature, temperature difference ±1℃. 
  • Grease Drawer: Front grease trough with grease drawer bring you much convenience to cleaning tasks. 
  • Two Iron Pan: Two 18mm iron plate surface options come from the full-flat plate and half-grooved surface. 
  • Precise Power Control: 360-degree knob switch can control 8 firepower settings to make operation simple. 
  • High-quality components: Using Germany Infineon IGBT, a self-developed movement and PCB board, run for 3,000 hours. 
  • Safety Protection: Multiple security protections to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, such as power, and voltage protections. 
  • Energy-gathering Coil: Using Double-layers concave copper coil, the cooking speed is faster by 30%, saving 40% energy cost.


Lestov has been working on maximizing cooking efficiency in commercial induction technology since 2003. Lestov currently homes 200+ full-time employees, nominated and recommended by CCA and WFCCI (formerly WACC), partnering with 50+ countries, and holds CE Certificates. 

Our aim and principle are to optimize chef cooking habits and reduce restaurant operating costs. Today, Lestov’s R&D team has 30+ innovative employees, making unremitting efforts in power consumption reduction, temperature control precision, and SMART Human-Machine Interfaces. 

Each year, we sponsored international and domestic cooking competitions and frequently receive positive feedback and suggestions from on-site chefs. We value all suggestions and continue making manufacturing improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.