LESTOV Induction Flat Stew Pot Cooker Ø500

Original: china Brand: Lestov


  • Code: LT-PDZ500-E115
  • Dimension: 750 x 850 x 1200 mm 
  • Weight: 70 Kg
  • Electrical Connection: 15 kW / 400V / 50Hz / 03 Phases
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The LZ-PDZ500 smart commercial induction soup cooker has a soup bucket with large capacity, allowing you to boil or stew large amounts of meat, soup, sauce, or more. Multiple security protections make cooking more safe and easy.

Product details:

Code LT-PDZ500-E115 
Product Size 750 x 850 x 1200 mm 
Soup Stock Pot Size Ø500 mm 
Weight 70 Kg 
Electrical Connection 15 kW / 400V / 50Hz / 03 Phases


  • Anti-scald insulated handle detail. Light pot lid, good heat retention for better heat recovery, faster processing 
  • Tripod manufactured according to European standards with the ability to adjust the height of the machine 
  • Soup cellar induction cooker is designed to be on the floor, easy to move. Meets IPX4 standard. Delivers up to 95% energy efficiency. Machine design that cares about the environment 
  • The capacity of the stew pot is large, serving the diverse needs of users. The pot is made of non-stick stainless steel 
  • The device has safety features such as: Automatic cut-off after 3 hours, low voltage / over voltage / over current protection, device protection from overheating 
  • Visualize the cooking process with the smart control panel display, showing the operating status of the device. Through the control panel, you can also control the machine precisely 
  • The device can adapt to voltage fluctuations in the range of 340-430V. With 08 levels of firepower, allowing you to customize to suit your processing needs 
  • 360-degree rotating heat capacity adjustment knob makes custom operation simpler and more convenient 
  • Built-in stew pot design for more convenient taking out food 
  • Details of stainless steel faucet direct water supply with high temperature resistant discharge valve. Assist users in using cooking as well as cleaning equipment more easily


Lestov has been working on maximizing cooking efficiency in commercial induction technology since 2003. Lestov currently homes 200+ full-time employees, nominated and recommended by CCA and WFCCI (formerly WACC), partnering with 50+ countries, and holds CE Certificates. 

Our aim and principle are to optimize chef cooking habits and reduce restaurant operating costs. Today, Lestov’s R&D team has 30+ innovative employees, making unremitting efforts in power consumption reduction, temperature control precision, and SMART Human-Machine Interfaces. 

Each year, we sponsored international and domestic cooking competitions and frequently receive positive feedback and suggestions from on-site chefs. We value all suggestions and continue making manufacturing improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.