LESTOV Induction Deep Fryer Tabletop 2 Baskets 10Lx2 (Cover)

Original: China Brand: Lestov


  • Code: LT-TZL-S135 
  • Dimension: 600 x 580 x 300+100mm 
  • Fryer Basket Size  : 310*165*145mm
  • Oil Tank Size: 180*335*140mm 
  • Capacity: 8L×2
  • Electrical Connection: 3.5KW×2 / 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase
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This multifunctional restaurant induction deep fryer supports timing and temperature control, and two independent frying areas meet the cooking of different foods. It has won the favor of coffee shop owners/bars with the advantages of 95% thermal efficiency (low energy consumption) and easy cleaning.

Product details:

Code LT-TZL-S135 
Product Size 600 x 580 x 300+100mm 
Fryer Basket Size  310*165*145mm
Oil Tank Size 180*335*140mm 
Capacity 8L×2 
Electrical Connection 3.5KW×2 / 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase


  • 95% Energy Efficiency: 95% energy efficiency by induction heating brings fast cooking for the output of fried food and a short recovery time. 
  • Multifunctioal Panel: The combination of an 8-speed power knob + multi-function button panel realizes precise adjustment of power/temperature/frying time, and the operation is simple. 
  • Energy-gathering Coil: The use of 3.5KW/5KW induction heating elements (energy-gathering copper wire reels) provides high thermal efficiency, resulting in crispy frying. 
  • Precise Power Control: The knob switch corresponds to 8-level fire control, which can meet the different requirements of frying heat from low to high, from 700w low-power slow frying to 5000w fast frying. 
  • Multiple batches: The 13.3L commercial large-capacity design can accommodate different foods, suitable for restaurants to fry large batches of donuts and fish. 
  • Safety and Health: Unlike electric fryers, which put the heating element in direct contact with the oil, induction fryers with oil and electrical separation eliminate the possibility of electrical leakage. 
  • Filter-type valve: The frying oil filter under the fryer is designed with grooves, which increases the convenience of cleaning food residues and saves the cost of using new oil. 
  • Filter-type basket: Two separate fryers come with removable baskets with grease-filtering hooks and anti-scald handles. 
  • Factory Direct Price: Commercial Induction Deep Fryer Manufacturer supports OEM, ODM, and private customization services at wholesale prices.


Lestov has been working on maximizing cooking efficiency in commercial induction technology since 2003. Lestov currently homes 200+ full-time employees, nominated and recommended by CCA and WFCCI (formerly WACC), partnering with 50+ countries, and holds CE Certificates. 

Our aim and principle are to optimize chef cooking habits and reduce restaurant operating costs. Today, Lestov’s R&D team has 30+ innovative employees, making unremitting efforts in power consumption reduction, temperature control precision, and SMART Human-Machine Interfaces. 

Each year, we sponsored international and domestic cooking competitions and frequently receive positive feedback and suggestions from on-site chefs. We value all suggestions and continue making manufacturing improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.

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