LESTOV Induction Deep Fryer Tabletop 1 Basket 10L (Cover)

Original: China Brand: Lestov


  • Code: LT-TZL-D105 
  • Dimension: 300 x 620 x 400mm
  • Fryer Basket Size: 160 x 310 x 130 mm
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Capacity: 10L 
  • Electrical Connection: 5 kW / 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase
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The real-timetemperature control system and frying menu storage program bring induction cooking technology into a new dimension. Innovative new temperature sensor technology ensures the temperature gap between actual frying and LED display is only ± 1°C - The best induction for deep-fried menus. Choose commercial induction fryers from different capacities, sizes and out-powers, or customize deep fryers based on your kitchen space. The commercial fryer line meets the highest demands in terms of quality, safety and heat-efficiency (95%), which means healthier fried-food and saving operating costs in the long run.

Product details:

Code LT-TZL-D105 
Product Size 300 x 620 x 400mm 
Fryer Basket Size 160 x 310 x 130 mm 
Weight 15 Kg 
Capacity 10L 
Electrical Connection 5 kW / 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase


  • Manually adjustable thermostat to prevent over frying 
  • Casing body completely made from 304 stainless steel 
  • Built-in stainless steel tank, 8 liter capacity 
  • The heavy-duty fryer basket with a black coated handle 
  • Stainless steel basket hanger to drain any excess oil 
  • The lifting-up filter screen on the bottom to catch and discard excess crumbs 
  • Sturdy stainless steel feet wrapped in rubber to prevent sliding 
  • Dual commercial, high-flow fans for extra durability
  • Infineon IGBT Engine 
  • 95% energy efficiency 
  • CE approved 
  • One year parts warrantly 

Safety Features: 

  • Over-heat protection 
  • High voltage protection 
  • Low voltage protection 
  • Overcurrent protection 
  • Dry burn protection 

Manual Control Models: 

  • Knob power control, from 0 level to 8 level (3500w / 5000w) 
  • Push-button thermostat control, upper-limited frying temperature set 

Digital Control Models: 

  • Power-on and heat-on indicator lamps 
  • Corresponing power level with LED display 
  • The fault code display with built-in protected controls 
  • The front thermostat controls with digital display 
  • Knob button controls for easy cleaning


Lestov has been working on maximizing cooking efficiency in commercial induction technology since 2003. Lestov currently homes 200+ full-time employees, nominated and recommended by CCA and WFCCI (formerly WACC), partnering with 50+ countries, and holds CE Certificates. 

Our aim and principle are to optimize chef cooking habits and reduce restaurant operating costs. Today, Lestov’s R&D team has 30+ innovative employees, making unremitting efforts in power consumption reduction, temperature control precision, and SMART Human-Machine Interfaces. 

Each year, we sponsored international and domestic cooking competitions and frequently receive positive feedback and suggestions from on-site chefs. We value all suggestions and continue making manufacturing improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.