Krupps Front-loading Dishwasher Cube C537

Original: Italy Brand: Krupps


  • Code: C537
  • Dimensions (L x P x H): 585 x 600 x 815(h) mm 
  • Basket: 500 x 500 mm 
  • Power input: 3,12kW / 16A 
  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz 
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Reliable and easy to use: These are the key words that describe the ADVANCE line - Automatic dishwashers products from Krupps. On the control panel, the user only needs to enter the parameters and press the button. The intelligent washing / rinsing system can help you to clean: cups for you: cups, glasses, saucers and dishes (using the appropriate basket)... with a clearance of up to 295 mm 

Modern technology application. Krupps dishwashers help users to save water, detergent and decreased energy consumption. But still ensure the best washing efficiency. Sturdy and reliable dishwashers to best deal with every moment of your day.

Product Details:

Code C537 
Dimensions (L x P x H) 585 x 600 x 815(h) mm 
Basket 500 x 500 mm 
Height glass max 365mm 
Height plate max 395mm 
Capicity Tank capacity 2,6kW - 24lt
Boiler capacity 2,5kW - 7,3lt 
Washing pump 0,52kW / 0,7Hp 
Power input 3,12kW / 16A 
Voltage 230V 50Hz 
Recommended inlet water temperature +55°C 
Water consumption per cycle 2L


  • Reliability and ease of use: these are the key words of the ADVANCE line. The panel is the real strength of the line thanks to its 4 washing cycles and one automatic drain cycle (with drain pump installed). On the control panel you can easily view the tank and boiler temperature, the messages of the Self-diagnosis system, the Scheduled Maintenance warning and the intelligent Start button, which changes colour to always display the dishwasher status very easily. The simple and extremely efficient electronic card offers the possibility of setting and controlling the rinsing and draining times, the washing and rinsing temperatures and the relative Thermostops, crucial for ensuring excellent washing results.
  • With the C537 dishwasher you can wash glasses of different shapes and sizes, as well as 18 dishes per wash with max Ø of 395mm thanks to the baskets provided, using a single 120-second standard cycle in the UP version, with a maximum productivity of 30 baskets/hour (540 dishes/hour). 
  • The standard double electric rinse-aid and detergent dispenser ensures maximum hygiene at each wash cycle with great savings: the moulded washing and rinsing arms ensure reliability and durability. The bodywork is made entirely of AISI 304 steel and has been designed with all of the components in the front for easy technical assistance. Sturdy and reliable dishwashers to best deal with every moment of your day.


Over 50 years focused on enhancing user experience. Krupps creates quality products with high performance and reliability. The brand is proud to be a great partner for the success of the customers with whom they have been collaborating to provide products. 

Krupps offers dishwashers ranging from models with simple features to high-tech products. Now, they continuously research to develop and expand technology to be able to meet the requirements of partners in the food service industry.