KEENON Guiding Robot G2

Original: Trung Quốc Brand: KEENON


  • CODE: G2
  • Dimension: 600 x 500 x 1450 mm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 1.2 m/s
  • Battery Capacity: DC 48V 12Ah
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Fully Autonomous Positioning and Navigation Technology. The fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology has turned a new page of the commercial guiding robot. Through deep integration of multiple sensors such as LIDAR, machine vision, depth vision, and sonar, the robot can work efficiently and stably in complex environments, bringing you a more powerful and more personalized experience.

Product Details:

Code G2 
Dimension 600 x 500 x 1450 mm 
Weight 70 kg 
Maximum Angle ≤ 5° 
Maximum Speed 1.2 m/s 
Minimum Passage Width 70 cm 
Charging Time 6 h 
Battery Life ≥ 7 h 
Battery Capacity DC 48V 12Ah 
Display Screen 21.5 inches, 1080p double-sided screen 
Operating System Android

The advantages of product: 

  • Double-sided Large-size HD Display Screen: Equipped with the double-sided large-size HD display screen, GUIDERBOT G2 can display your own advertisements. 
  • Brand New Voice Package: The brand new voice package supports voice conversations for specific scenarios. 
  • Simple and Clear UI: The robot’s UI is simple and clear, with clean visual effects and bright background themes, bringing users a smooth experience.


KEENON Robotics Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence enterprise committed to providing intelligent unmanned delivery solutions for global enterprises. Founded in 2010, KEENON Robotics has become a dependable business partner in the global markets with coverage of over 60 countries worldwide. By applying advanced intelligent service robots and AI technology, the company has created efficient, stable, reliable and practical solutions, helping enterprises in various industries around the world improve service efficiency and realize intelligent upgrading. At present, the Company serves customers from various fields, including catering, medical care, hotel, venue, business office, community pension, and airports. 

With stable and reliable products, rich global project experience, and efficient and high-quality after-sales service, KEENON Robotics has become the partner of many other well-known brands at home and abroad, including Haidilao, Grandma’s Home, Guangzhou Restaurant, Quanjude, Sofitel Hotels, Westins Hotels, Hilton Hotels.