ISA Oneshow Gelato Built-In W120-D740-H960

Original: Italy Brand: ISA


  • Code: OS120960RSTB 
  • External dimensions (LxDxH): 1200 x 740 x 960 mm
  • Capacity (gross/net): 273 / 69 lt
  • Net weight: 210 kg 
  • Power supply: 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz 
  • Electrical input (nominal): 1000 W / 5,1 A 
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Oneshow Gelato Built-In by ISA is a great model for gelato shops. Delicate and luxurious design, display cabinets help ice cream dishes become more attractive in the eyes of customers. High-quality construction materials along with superior features provide the most optimal preservation effect for the displayed products. This is the perfect gelato you can find!

Product details:

Code OS120960RSTB 
External dimensions (LxDxH) 1200 x 740 x 960 mm 
Capacity (gross/net) 273 / 69 lt 
Net weight 210 kg 
Refrigeration Ventilated
Refrigerant R404A 
Climate class 
Operating conditions 30 °C / 55 %RH 
Cabinet capacity range -20/+2 °C 
Product temperature -16/-14 °C 
Compressor (type) 1 - Hermetic 
Defrost  Reverse Cycle
Power supply 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz 
Electrical input (nominal) 1000 W / 5,1 A 
Electrical input (defrost) 1700 W / 8 A 
Container 5 Lt (360 x 165 x 120 h) 
Container 5 Lt (360 x 250 x 80 h) 
Polycarbonate carapine (154 x 160 h) 10 
Ice cream stick container 
Single portions container 4


  • Dual Temperature: Designed with maximum flexibility to allow seasonal product display management. The Dual Temperature function (optional) allows the display cabinet to change simply, the operating temperature for Ice Cream and Pastry Products. This allows one cabinet to offer seasonal flexibility without increasing floor space. 
  • The product has an elegant and eye-catching design. Contributing to increase the aesthetics of the restaurant space. 
  • The design helps to optimize the display of products, increasing the attractiveness of the food displayed/preserved inside. 
  • Provides a stable heat level, creating the perfect environment for gelato to retain its texture and quality. 
  • 5700K LED lighting system, providing excellent light output for display. 
  • The top and front glazing uses stratified heating. Limit the situation of condensation, water vapor obstructing / affecting the vision of guests. 
  • Equipment to support movement: The foot of the cabinet is adjustable in height and the swivel wheel has a brake support.


Since 1963 ISA produces in its region and, from there, it provides refrigerated showcases and furniture for public places worldwide. ISA works in the market through three brands: ISA, COF, TASSELLI and HIZONE with a sales volume beyond 120 million of euro by exporting, in 107 countries, quality products with a high rate of technology and innovation, also in terms of sustainability by using natural refrigerants. 

ISA nowadays is one of the most important players of the world in the field of interior design for public places, showcases and refrigerated cabinets for ice cream and pastry and professional furniture. Beyond numerous and prestigious clients, who make a daily use of ISA’s equipment, the company has been collaborating for years with important international brands, which they are: Ahold, Auchan, Autogrill, Billa, Bindi, Coldstone Creamery, Coca Cola, Conad, Coop, Cremonini, Brioche Doree, Haagen Dazs, Nestlé, Sammontana, Sturbucks and Unilever.