ISA Millennium Gelato Straight ST W190-D105-H135

Original: Italy Brand: ISA


  • Code: ST190135RSTB 
  • External dimensions (LxDxH): 1826 x 1054 x 1356 mm 
  • Capacity (gross/net): 1080 / 201 lt 
  • Net weight: 310 kg 
  • Power supply: 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz 
  • Electrical input (nominal): 1890 W / 9,3 A
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Millennium - The evolution of the legendary professional display cabinet. An international success renews itself. Equipped with high-efficiency natural technology, excellent build quality, and a wide selection in terms of design and materials. New Millennium, even more durable, innovative, and sustainable.

Product details:

Code ST190135RSTB 
External dimensions (LxDxH) 1826 x 1054 x 1356 mm 
Capacity (gross/net) 1080 / 201 lt 
Net weight 310 kg 
Refrigeration Ventilated 
Refrigerant R290 
Climate class 
Operating conditions 35 °C / 75 %RH 
Cabinet capacity range -20/+2 °C 
Product temperature -16/-14 °C 
Compressor (q.ty - type) 2 - Hermetics 
Defrost Reverse Cycle 
Power supply 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz 
Electrical input (nominal) 1890 W / 9,3 A 
Electrical input (defrost) 2560 W / 13,6 A 
Container 5 Lt (360 x 165 x 120 h) 20 
Container 5 Lt (360 x 250 x 80 h) 12 
Ice cream stick container 12 
Single portion container 12 
Pastry Tray 1706 x 720 mm 
Shelf 1694 x 240 mm


  • Perfect visibility: The visibility for gelato is emphasized by 7 degrees inclined tank and the internal LED lighting which has a continuous uniform light. 
  • Heated glass: Condensation is not a problem, even in difficult climatic conditions, thanks to the heated side glasses and the single heated front glass. 
  • Side by side: The sides with concealed fasteners and the self-supporting glass panes allow a perfect side-by-side installation of several display cabinets. 


  • ‘Natural’ high technology: The refrigeration system is a jewel of high technology and sustainability: R290 natural dual-circuit refrigerant with hermetic compressor and reverse cycle defrosting. Less vibrations and noise (-30% compared to models with R404A), greater energy efficiency (up to 10% savings) and environmental sustainability as it is fully compatible with European standard F-GAS. 
  • Reverse cycle defrosting: Automatic reverse cycle defrosting allows 50% shorter cycle times than hot gas, in order to keep the quality of the gelato surface intact, and also reducing energy consumption. In the pastry version the defrosting is off cycle. The refrigeration, ventilated with a single outlet of front air, is delicate and homogeneous. The high-efficiency electronic fans of the condenser allow considerable energy savings. 
  • Cyclopentane insulation: The low environmental impact cyclopentane insulation - with insulation performance 20% higher than traditional systems - contributes to class 7 certification for high performance in demanding climatic conditions (35°C with 75% humidity). 
  • Natural refrigerant: For ISA, sustainability is not just limited to the product, it is much more: it is also a production process and most of all it is respect for people and the environment. This is the ARIA project. Thanks to ISA’s Research and Development we can offer you a wide unique range of display cases that use the natural refrigerants R290 and R744. Buying an ISA product means choosing a product with high added value in terms of sustainability and technology, as well as already in line with European regulations. 
  • Customization: The sides are made of high-density and high-resistance wood fibre, while the front panel and ventilation grid are made of sheet metal. Millennium offers the possibility of choosing any colour in the RAL range in a 30-gloss matte finish.
  • Dual temperature: The Dual Temperature function (optional) allows the gelato display cabinet to switch from negative to positive temperature extremely easily, becoming a pastry display cabinet with the insertion of stainless-steel trays as an option (inclined 7 degrees). Still on request, you can also add a depth-adjustable glass shelf (+/- 50 mm), with a methacrylate support and LED lighting (5700 K). 
  • Depth-adjustable shelves: In the Pastry version the display cabinet can be equipped with one or two depth-adjustable glass shelves (+/- 50 mm), with methacrylate support and as an option also LED lighting (5700 K). A single shelf can also be equipped in the Gelato version as an accessory on request. 
  • Daily operations: The rear closing curtain, with magnetic closing and side runners, is easy to use even with one hand. Alternatively, you can choose to equip the display cabinet with a plexiglass sliding closing system. The gelato administration operations are facilitated by the pans support spacers (standard in stainless steel) inserted at the ends of the tank and between the pans. The upper glass is fixed and spacious to house the service accessories without having to remove them for the glass opening operations. On request you can add (rear right side of display cabinet) a scoop-washer with tap or pull-out spray, storage tray and methacrylate cone holder. 
  • Easy cleaning: In the Millennium LX, the frontal access to the tank occurs with the glass opening upwards facilitated by the servo-assisted mechanism, while in the Millennium ST with the simple opening of the glass downwards. Both solutions are equipped with a retractable handle. The internal design of the tank has been designed to make daily cleaning operations as easy as possible. The double drain valve on the bottom of the tank (1-inch standard size) makes extraordinary cleaning operations easy. The front glass equipped with hermetic seals and the curtain with side runners reduce heat loss (energy saving) and contamination from the outside (hygiene of the tank). 
  • Moving and maintenance: To facilitate handling operations, the display cabinet is equipped with casters with rear brake, height-adjustable feet, and rear handles. On request you can add practical side handles. The dust filter for cleaning the condenser - with magnetic closing - is easy to clean and allows the display cabinet to be kept in perfect working conditions. Access to the condensing unit is easy and fast, even with the platform on, thanks to the optimized rear cover.


Since 1963 ISA produces in its region and, from there, it provides refrigerated showcases and furniture for public places worldwide. ISA works in the market through three brands: ISA, COF, TASSELLI and HIZONE with a sales volume beyond 120 million of euro by exporting, in 107 countries, quality products with a high rate of technology and innovation, also in terms of sustainability by using natural refrigerants. 

ISA nowadays is one of the most important players of the world in the field of interior design for public places, showcases and refrigerated cabinets for ice cream and pastry and professional furniture. Beyond numerous and prestigious clients, who make a daily use of ISA’s equipment, the company has been collaborating for years with important international brands, which they are: Ahold, Auchan, Autogrill, Billa, Bindi, Coldstone Creamery, Coca Cola, Conad, Coop, Cremonini, Brioche Doree, Haagen Dazs, Nestlé, Sammontana, Sturbucks and Unilever.