IRINOX Multifresh Excellence 10 Trays 10” (-35℃ ~ +85℃)

Original: Italy Brand: Irinox


  • Code: PB1010FA0AL0-10
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 870 x 1145 x 1590mm
  • Weight: 220 Kg
  • Max absorbed power: 5.37 kW
  • Max absorbed current: 12.68 A
  • Voltage: 400 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
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The propane blast chiller, ecological and completely customizable according to the needs of each professional choosing functions, type of performance, size of the display and the most useful features for its use. 

The MultiFresh® Next blast chiller has up to 12 functions and 150 cycles selected for you by Irinox to preserve the product freshness longer.

Product Details:

CapacityTray height 65 mm => GN2/1 › 9
Tray height 40 mm => GN2/1 › 12
Tray height 20 mm => GN2/1 › 18
Tray height 65 mm with double MultiRack => GN1/1 con MultiRack Doppio › 16
Tray height 40 mm => GN1/1 › 22
Tray height 20 mm => GN1/1 › 34
Dimensions (WxDxH)870x1145x1590mm
Weight220 Kg
Max absorbed power5.37 kW
Max absorbed current12.68 A
Voltage400 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
Yield per cycleFrom +90°C to +3°C: 80 Kg
From +90°C to -18°C: 80 Kg
Refrigerant gasR290

The advantages of product: 

Technology system: 

  • Sanigen®: The Irinox patented sanification system, sanitizes every part of the chamber, including the areas that are difficult to access for cleaning (e.g. the evaporator, etc.) 
  • Multirack®: The exclusive adjustable tray rack by Irinox is used to alter the distance between trays every 20 mm, according to the thickness of the food, and to exploit the entire yield in kg of MultiFresh®
  • HACCP: HACCP (Hazard-Analysis and Control of Critical Points) is the protocol that regulates and prevents food contamination. It establishes and implements the monitoring of the Critical Control Points in order to reduce and prevent identified hazards
  • MultiSensor®: The MultiFresh® blast chiller is supplied with a MultiSensor® 3 point probe for perfect temperature control
  • R290: The whole range has been tested for use with a new natural refrigerant gas, propane R290, which does not damage the ozone, ensuring maximum energy efficiency, greater speed in abatement processes, with almost zero environmental impact, in compliance with the most restrictive regulations on the overheating of the atmosphere by refrigerant gases. Propane has a Global Warming Potential of 3. More power, less pollution.
  • FreshCloud®: FreshCloud is the IoT technology that allows you to remotely interact with IRINOX equipment at any time. 
Standard construction details:
  • Door opening on the left with hinges on the left.
  • Patented concealed hinges.
  • Full height door with double bevelled side edges.
  • Low hinge with integrated door stop with 150° opening to avoid collisions between side-by-side equipment.
  • Magnetic and slow closing of the door.
  • Equipped with 10-chamber gasket designed for high and low temperatures.
  • Core probe with 3 detection points with quick screw connector, anti-corrosion, watertight IP67.
  • Large magnetic flat surface (400x150 mm) to fix the core probe.
  • Easy removal and cleaning of the condenser filter thanks to the tilting grill.
  • Ergonomic and robust handle made of steel.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel internal and external material.
  • Built-in air condensation.
  • R290 coolant gas.
  • 10 pairs of guides included.
  • WIFI module included for the HACCP report download. 
  • Excellence: The multi-function configuration including 12 functions. In addition to the cold functions present in the Essential configuration, you will find: hot preservation, defrosting, ready-to-serve, low temperature cooking, chocolate melting, leavening, pasteurization and drying. MultiFresh® Next’s freezing cycles transform the water contained in food into microcrystals that preserve its structure and quality for longer.
  • Automatic recognition of manual work mode (timed) or automatic mode (with probe). 
02 available performance level:
  • Turbo: This performance guarantees the cooling and freezing capacity up to 40kg, thanks to the use of the 5-speed “EC” Electronic Evaporator Fans, which manage temperatures from -40° to +85°C, Scroll compressors and one-speed condenser fan. With climate class 5, it guarantees excellent performance up to 40°C ambient. 
  • Turbo Silent: This performance increases the cooling and freezing capacity by up to 30% with a very low level of sound emissions, thanks to the use of the 5-speed “EC” Electronic Evaporator Fans, which manage temperatures from -40° to +85°C, Scroll compressors and variablespeed “EC” electronic condenser fan. With climate class 4, it guarantees excellent performance up to 30°C ambient 
10’ display with capacitive screen, RGB colour LED bar to follow the progress of the cycle in progress even from a distance. The display is equipped with: 
  • Acoustic signal with adjustable intensity and fixed tone.
  • Dashboard customizable with the cycles most used by the customer.
  • Ability to customize and/or create new cycles
  • Library with all cycles made by the customer and by Irinox 
FreshCloud® is Irinox’s IOT technology that allows you to control and interact with MultiFresh® Next at any time via an APP. The functions included in the application are: 
  • Remote monitoring of the cycle in progress: connection status, cell temperature, core temperature, kitchen and machine name, cycle ID in progress, cycle and phase progress.
  • Remote parameter modification (ventilation, cabinet temperature, core probe temperature, humidity level, phase duration).
  • Machine status monitoring: connection status, machine ID, laboratory name, serial number, door status, Sanigen level.
  • Push notification system.
  • Usage statistics viewing.
  • HACCP report download.
  • Software update.


Irinox was founded in Corbanese (Treviso, Italy) in 1989 and is known all over the world as the leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers. 

Our appliances are entirely manufactured in our 9,000 sq m facilities near Treviso in north eastern Italy. As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high-quality food preservation in the catering, confectionery, ice cream, bread-making and food industries, Irinox has always invested in continuous research and improvement of its technology, becoming the ideal partner of the most important food professionals and companies all over the world. 

Innovative in spirit, over the years Irinox has developed a leading edge line of industrial blast chillers and shock freezers, proposing revolutionary concepts that have set market benchmarks. Irinox has already installed more than 40,000 machines and distributed its equipment in more than 80 countries.