Electric Marinator Vacuum Model | BRANDON

Original: China Brand: Brandon


  • Code: BVC1
  • Dimension: 900 x 460 x 845 mm
  • Power: 0.2 kW
  • Voltage: 220/50/1
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We are no stranger to marination; many of us have done it at home. We mix the marinade, hand rub the food, put them in a refrigerator and wait. While it is good for hobbyist, manual marination is not consistent and takes a long time. It does not meet the requirement of Quick Service Restaurant. Commercial Marinator (or tumbler) marinates food consistently in a batch. Once you experiment and find out the relationship between marination time, batch size and marinade recipe, even your unskilled staff can produce marinated food consistently every time, every batch. 
Traditional marinator is a rotating barrel and a timer. Food inside the rotating barrel rub with each other and increase marination efficiency. More advanced marinator has vacuum in the barrel, under which the food tissue is pulled apart and marinade can penetrate to fill the void. Alternate rotational direction further enhances meat massaging. 

Product details:

Code BVC1 
Dimension 900 x 460 x 845 mm 
Power 0.2 kW 
Voltage 220/50/1


  • Fully welded barrel with leak proof gasket
  • Computer control
  • Alternate rotational direction
  • Adjustable cycle time for each direction
  • Buzzer alarms before rotation starts and after marination ends 
  • Barrel pressure: Minimum 0.04 MPa
  • 4” casters for mobility, 2 with locks

- Value of the marinator 

● Improve food quality and consistency. 

● Speed up marination to meet rush hour demand. 

● Reduce labor cost and improve deli worker morale. 

● Makes work flow within kitchen more standardized and scientific.


At Brandon, there is a strong bonding between our customers and our team. The customers will send us their user experience of our foodservice equipment and their thought on their daily needs. Thus, we focus on innovating solutions and developing new foodservice equipment for the industry to reduce the stress faced by the operators. It includes reducing the energy and labor cost, space limitations and more. 

We have more than twenty patents all on our Brandon design equipment. They include the Fryer, Bun Toaster, Electric Breading Table, Marinator and more.