Electric Dump Station Countertop | BRANDON

Original: China Brand: Brandon


  • Code: DST560
  • Dimension: 560 x600 x 650 mm
  • Power: 1 kW
  • Voltage: 220/50/1
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Its primary function is for deli workers to dump fried products, such as chips, potato shoestring, basket-weave and onion rings etc. Salt is added, food products are then packed into the cup with a shovel (chips scoop). Brandon’s dump station has detachable side panel so the cutout is always flexibly oriented beside the fryer. Depending on the model, Brandon employs heat lamps or ceramic heater to maintain the temperature hot enough to keep food crispy. 
Food bay is slotted to accommodate product dividers. It is handy when more than one food products need to be held at the same time such as chicken nugget, onion rings, basket weave and potato shoestring. The back of food bay is curved and has adequate height for easy scooping. Scooping fries is essential to remove excess oil and evenly distribute salt. Holes on the bottom allows excess oil to drip down to a drip tray.

Product details:

Code DST560 
Dimension 560 x600 x 650 mm 
Power 1 kW 
Voltage 220/50/1


  • Back made of mirror-finish SS to reflect heat
  • Flexible cut out direction for easy dumping of food from fryer
  • Spacious rack for holding chips cup or bag; chips falling into the pan can be recovered
  • Detachable fittable to either the right or left 
  • Adequete height for effective scooping of French Fries
  • Oil drip tray to collect extra oil after scooping of French Fries


At Brandon, there is a strong bonding between our customers and our team. The customers will send us their user experience of our foodservice equipment and their thought on their daily needs. Thus, we focus on innovating solutions and developing new foodservice equipment for the industry to reduce the stress faced by the operators. It includes reducing the energy and labor cost, space limitations and more. 

We have more than twenty patents all on our Brandon design equipment. They include the Fryer, Bun Toaster, Electric Breading Table, Marinator and more.