Dry Aging Fridge Premium S DRY AGER DX500 (Not Lockable)

Original: Germany Brand: DRYAGER


  • Code: DX0501PS
  • Internal Dimensions: 71.2 x 49 x 43.7 cm
  • Net Content: 134l 
  • Weight: Approx.48kg 
  • Main Connection: 220-240V / 2A / 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: ~1.0 kWh / 24h
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The new DRY AGER® Premium S models are a masterpiece of engineering and let you be more creative than ever before. Timeless modern design on the outside, high-precision, sophisticated technology on the inside. Quality, made in Germany. Craftsmanship meets high-tech. The ultimate solution from DRY AGER®, the world's leading brand of aging fridges to age meat, ham, sausage, fish, or cheese or to showcase wine. 

So compact. Just as capable as the big onc. The little one from DRY AGER® goes big with the new Smart - Aging Technology. It integrates perfectly into your kitchen or sales area, and wets the appetite of guests and customers for perfectly aged food. The compact unit can be freestanding or integrated into the wall, both at home or at work. Tremendous flexibility. For example, up to 20 kg of meat can be aged in the device at once. With the standard shelves, as well as the optionally available stainless-steel hanger, or even the practical charcuterie shelves, the DRY AGER® DX 500 PremiumS is ready for the whole spectrum of food products.

Product Details:

Internal Dimensions71.2 x 49 x 43.7 cm 
External Dimensions90.5 x 60 x 61 cm 
Maximum LoadFor up to 20kg of meat 
Gross/ Net Content155 / 134l 
Empty WeightApprox.48kg 
Electronic Temperature Range0°C ~ +30°C 
Humicontrol®40% - 90% 
Main Connection220-240V / 2A / 50Hz 
Power Consumption~1.0 kWh / 24h

The advantages of product: 

  • Smart technology: The new DRY AGER Aging Cabinet generation guarantees you unique aging results, simply and easily with SmartAging®. Food that is aged is particularly valuable and delicate. So, of course, you don't want to make any mistakes. These worries are now over. Thanks to integrated SmartAging® Technology, Dry Aging is now easier and safer than ever before! Because now you can be sure that you have the righ parameters at hand for the dry-aging process of any food: at the push of a button. From beef, pork, game, poultry, ham, sausage, fish, cheese, and wine to pasta and herbs. 
  • Precise parameters: As precise as Swiss clockwork - only from Germany. The intelligent control of the Premium S models allows temperatures from 0°C to +30°C as well as humidity values between 40 and 90% to be controlled electronically at all times. And all this without a water connection or tank, thanks to HumiControl®. Either fully automnatic with the SmartAging® programs or self-adjusted in manual mode. You decide. 
  • Absolute cleanliness: No opportunity for dangerous bacteria and germs. The DRY AGER® Premium S line is the world's only aging refrigerator series with an active UVC sterilization box that completely sterilizes the entire air mass in the Aging Cabinet once per minute, combined with an activated carbon filter that purifies the incoming air. In addition, the integrated SmartAging® pre-cleaning program ensures perfect initial hygienic conditions after each aging cycle. With that, you'll definitely be ready for the next batch! 
  • Minimal weight loss: How about a little more? Sure we can, and we do it with the new DRY AGER® Premium S series. Beef is at just about 7-8% weight loss after4 weeks of aging on the bone and about 12% after 6 weeks. These values are second to none and save you money. 
  • Sophisticated optics: All the components of the DRY AGER® Premium S series not only look good, but were also carefully considered down to the smallest detail. The inner container features a sophisticated design, which facilitates cleaning and prevents the formation of dirt in corners. The bottom surface slopes backwards to reliably collect liquids. And integrated slats allow the salt tray to sit securely and slightly elevated. The contents of the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge are perfectly highlighted by three DX LED premium light strips integrated into the walls on both sides, as well as in the head area of the DX 1000 model. With the DX 1000 Premium S, the light intensity is even continuously dimmable.
  • Light and emotion: The optional DX-LED Salt Wall System makes your DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet shine even more colorfully and puts your goods in an even better light. Featuring a deceptively real salt look, the LED wall can be set to ten different colors and also allows color concepts to be included in the aging cabihet. The system can be ordered pre-installed or as a retrofit kit.


As a passionate hunter and refrigeration engineer, founder of Dry Ager - Manfred Landig worked on new cooling possibilities for game and developed unique solutions for it. Since its foundation in 1982, until now, DRY AGER Dry Aging fridge is known as a device has been created that allows everyone to produce their own Dry Aged meats. At home, in a shop or restaurant. Wherever you want to. The DRY AGER cabinet is safe, flexible and incredibly easy to use. 100% Made in Germany.