Carpigiani Ready 14/20 | Batch Freeze + Pasteurizer

Original: Italy Brand: Carpigiani


  • Code: 8146
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 45,5 x 58 x 76,5cm
  • Weight: 142kg
  • Power: 3kW
  • Voltage: 230V / 1 ph / 50 Hz
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Carpigiani technology can freeze and even heat liquid mixtures in order to make freshly made Gelato. With its 9 automatic programs, it is possible to manage a range of quantities from a minimum of 2 kg to a maximum of 4 kg per cycle. 

The Ready 14/20 is equipped with Hard-O-Tronic® technology: the exclusive system for excellent Gelato. The LCD display displays the preset programmed consistency values as well as the current consistency of the Gelato while being produced. The user can always change the desired consistency to obtain the optimal result. It includes the Crystal program which is ideal for creating monoportions of all shapes with molds and takeaway frozen cakes and Gelato products.

Product Details:

Dimensions (WxDxH)45,5 x 58 x 76,5cm 
Voltage230V / 1 ph / 50 Hz 
Hourly production Min: 14kg
Max: 20kg 
Quantity per Batch Min: 2kg
Max: 4kg 
Quantity per cycle | Programs 
  • Cream: + Min: 2kg
                        + Max: 4kg
  • Crystal: + Min: 2kg
                        + Max: 4kg

The advantages of product: 

- Quality:

  • Six automatic programs: two to produce delicious milk- based gelato and fresh fruit sorbets; one to produce perfect fruit slushes; two to produce a special milk- or fruit- based CRYSTAL gelato; one to produce Ice Cream* with the special beater (*3E beater optional. Also available as a spare part). 
  • Three automatic programs: one to pasteurize the mix and turn it into gelato; one to pasteurize, age, and then turn it into gelato; one to heat and cool the mix and then turn it into gelato. 

- Performance:

  • Hard-O-Tronic®: This is the exclusive system for an excellent gelato. The LCD screen constantly displays the values of the programmed consistency and that of the gelato in the batch freezer. By pressing on the arrows you can always change it, to obtain your own ideal gelato. 
  • POM Beater: The beater has no central shaft. Its POM blades facilitate the complete extraction of the gelato every time. Sturdy yet light, it has self-adjusting scraper blades to maintain the cylinder clean and efficient. 
  • Post Cooling: To maintain the consistency of the gelato during extraction, the post cooling function injects cold into the gelato as it comes out of the cylinder. 

- Convenience:

Versatile shelf that can be mounted in three different positions depending on the use: Position 1 for traditional trays, Position 2 for round tubs, and Position 3 saves space when not in use. Easily removable during cleaning operations. 

- Savings: 

Ready technology makes it possible to complete the full gelato production process in just one machine. 

- Safety:

  • Accident prevention thanks to even more rounded corners throughout the part of the machine closest to the operator. 
  • If power is lost during production or the machine is accidentally stopped, an automatic defrost procedure is triggered, allowing for a rapid restart of production.
  • With TEOREMA, production continuity is guaranteed thanks to facilitated assistance through monitoring and diagnosis over the internet, using PCs, tablets, and smartphones. 

- Hygiene:

  • The delayed cleaning program guarantees hygiene by controlling the temperature of the cylinder once the gelato has been extracted. So immediate washing of the machine is not necessary in the event of prolonged work stoppages. 
  • The cylinder and front panel are a single piece for maximum cleanliness and hygiene. 
  • With the hot-cleaning of the cylinder and the removable gelato chute, cleaning is easier. 
  • Even cleaning the panels is a quick job because with the Scotch-Brite treatment the steel does not stain and is resistant to fat residues.


Incorporated in 1946, Carpigiani quickly established itself as the market leader in the production of machines for gourmet gelato, better known as Italian-style ice cream. As the culture of Italian ice cream spread across the globe during the 1960s and 1970s, Carpigiani began to expand rapidly all over the world, opening its first overseas branches and developing a sales network of exclusive dealerships which have since guaranteed widespread distribution and continuous, prompt support for end users