Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 HE-P | Pasteurizer + Pastry

Original: Italy Brand: Carpigiani


  • Code: 8484
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 35 x 90 x 105 cm
  • Weight: 165kg
  • Power: 11,2kW
  • Voltage: 400V/3 ph/ 50 Hz
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The technology of Pastomasters range that boosts your work. It's easy to use, simple to manage, and useful in any gelato production space. With basic programs for the production of gelato and yogurt mixes, sauces, specialties, cheese, milk and free programs for the user can handling their work and memorize proprietary pasteurization cycles.

Product Details:

Dimensions (WxDxH)35 x 90 x 105 cm 
Voltage400V/3 ph/ 50 Hz 
Production 60lt/120minutes 
Tank Capacity Min: 15lt
Max: 60lt 
ProductionMin: 15lt
Max: 60lt 
Quantity per cycle | Programs 
  • Sauce production | max: 45kg**
           Sauce production | min: 15kg**
  • Specialty production | max: 45kg
           Specialty production | min: 15kg
  • Yogurt production | max: 45kg
           Yogurt production | min: 15kg

The advantages of product: 

- Quality: 

  • Gelato & yogurt mixes: 09 basic programs to produce all kinds of basic and complete gelato mixes and yogurt 
  • Sauces (Pastomaster 60 HE models only): Programs to produce 7 sauces that together with the base mixes can be used to quickly produce classic gelato flavors 
  • Specialties (Pastomaster 60 HE models only): Programs to produce 6 artisanal specialties to offer in your gelato shop 
  • Free programs: There are 5 free programs so that the gelato artisan can personalize and memorize proprietary pasteurization cycles. 
  • Cheese: 08 programs to produce: Ricotta cheese, Robiola cheese, Soft cheese, Hard cheese, Special cheese, Cooked whey, Bulk starters, Whey starters 
  • Milk: Programs to produce Heat treatment, Scheduled heat treatment, Low milk pasteurization, High milk pasteurization 
The machine includes a recipe book with detailed recipes and information on ingredients that can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code on the front of the machine. 

- Performance:

  • Exchange Pump: The ingredients are mixed and pasteurized inside the exchange pump cup, which is located on the tank bottom. This exclusive, patented Carpigiani technology guarantees:
  •  High micronization: The millimetric cup-beater coupling and the different mixing speeds reduce the fat globules to particularly fine sizes, from 2 to 5 microns, for a gelato that is more creamy and stable. Superior efficiency allows working even with minimum batches without the risk of burning the mix. Furthermore, the original dry bain-marie system avoids product buildup.
  • Superior efficiency allows working even with minimum batches without the risk of burning the mix. Furthermore, the original dry bain-marie system avoids product buildup.
  • Raw Milk: The one-piece exchange pump, the new spigot design, and the specific conveyor* ensure the absolute safety of the mixes, even when using raw milk. (*for all models. Also available as a spare part).
  • The removable Standard Conveyor is designed to accommodate dense and viscous ingredients, and produce mixtures with high solids content. It is also ideal for the production of sauces and cheeses. (The Removable Standard Conveyor is square shaped with smaller diameter for Pastomaster 60 and larger diameter for Pastomaster 120).
  • Cycle times: The thermal exchange per liter of mixture, heating to 85°C and cooling to 4°C, is extremely rapid: less than 2 minutes on the 60 HE model and less than 1 minute on the HE 120. With this technology, the energy consumption and the pasteurization times are directly proportional to the amount of mix being produced. 

- Convenience: 

New solutions for maximum ease of use: 

  • Lid and exchange pump: Brand new design lid, easy to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to the exchange pump, by opening the lid you can add the ingredients (while the mix is being stirred) working in complete safety. 
  • Hose bracket: Thanks to the bracket located on the back of the machine it is possible to situate the water hoses so that they remain raised from the ground, thus facilitating easy movement and cleaning of the floor. 
  • Scan the QR Code on the front of the machine to access the most up to date equipment information: Catalog, Instruction Manual & Carpi Care kit. 

- Savings: 

  • Reduced consumption of water 
  • Carpigiani HIGH EFFICIENCY technology, equipped with high-efficiency motors and high-performance condensers, providing maximum efficiency during pasteurization of the mixes. Pastomaster HE ensures generous savings in water consumption, up to 30% compared to RTX pasteurizers. 

- Safety: 

  • More operational safety and increased control of production 
  • Lid: To avoid the spatter of boiling liquid, the beater stops moving if the lid is lifted when the mix is hotter than 50°C. 
  • Blackout and Water supply cutoff: After an electrical blackout or interruption of the water supply, if the temperature-time parameters can guarantee that the mix has not suffered the pasteurizer resumes the current program. Otherwise it automatically starts a new full pasteurization cycle, alerting the user with a message on the display. 
  • With TEOREMA you can monitor the machine via internet, PC, tablet, and smartphone. Technical service is facilitated thanks to the ability to remotely perform controls and diagnostics. 
  • During processing, when the temperature exceeds 50°C the display turns red to alert the operator that inside the machine there are heated products. This visual cue helps prevent improper operations with hot products. 
  • Ergonomic design: Increased accident prevention with more rounded corners. 

- Hygiene: 

  • Facilitated cleaning, guaranteed hygiene. 
  • Temperature-controlled spigot: The mixture circulates continuously inside the spigot ensuring its correct operating temperature both during pasteurization and in the storage/aging phase. 
  • Spigot always clean: The new shape makes it possible to wash the mix spout at any time, during any stage of production. 
  • Total cleaning: The new spigot, the removable conveyor, and the one-piece cup allow for complete and easy cleaning of the machine. 
  • The new stainless steel wheels can withstand frequent washing even with the most aggressive detergents. 
  • The new stainless steel sprayer is located on the front of the machine for an easier cleaning of the cylinder and the chute, and to avoid cross maneuvers with the door. The sprayer can also be locked to facilitate handling during use. 
  • Even the cleaning of the surfaces is quick because the Scotch-Brite treatment of the stainless steel makes it resistant to stains and fat residues. 
  • Carpi Care kit & Carpi Clean kit: request them from your dealer to always keep your machine hygienically perfect.


Incorporated in 1946, Carpigiani quickly established itself as the market leader in the production of machines for gourmet gelato, better known as Italian-style ice cream. As the culture of Italian ice cream spread across the globe during the 1960s and 1970s, Carpigiani began to expand rapidly all over the world, opening its first overseas branches and developing a sales network of exclusive dealerships which have since guaranteed widespread distribution and continuous, prompt support for end users