Upright Refrigerator 2 Half Doors SKIPIO SRT25

Original: China Brand: SKIPIO
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Upright Refrigerator 2 Half Doors SKIPIO SRT25

SKIPIO SRT25 2-Door Stand Cooler with modern design, the entire body is made of stainless steel to help the cabinet operate stably over time. In addition, the specialized R-134a refrigerant helps the cabinet operate stably, preserving food for users at the best temperature suitable for all large restaurants, hotels and bakeries.

Product Details

Dimensions640 x 850 x 1937 mm
Weight77 kg
Power383 W
Temperature-2 --> 8*C
Voltage220V - 60Hz - 1phase

Outstanding Features


  • SKIPIO refrigerator owns R-134a refrigerant which is rated as specialized and safe, but still ensures the best price for users. R-134a for the refrigerator to quickly reach the desired temperature. And keep that temperature even for a long time of use.
  • Equipped with the most modern insulation today: Polyurethane / Cyclopentane + CFC Free allows the SRT25 - 2 SKIPIO Cooler to achieve good thermal stability and is almost unaffected by outside temperatures - which makes our products you easily lose its wonderful original structure.
  • Modern design, extremely high detail finishing makes the machine capable of durable operation