Dough Sheeter Q670/1600

Original: Italy Brand: RAM
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Semi Automatic Dough Sheeter Q670/1600

This manual dough sheeter takes advantage of the mechanics of the most advanced automatic sheeter to guarantee a perfect lamination with any type of dough. 
Product Details
Belt Width654 mm
Belt Length1600 mm
Speed10 - 60 m/min
Cylinder Opening0 - 60 mm
Power1500 W
Voltage400V - 50Hz - 3phase
Dimensions3730 x 870 x 1170  mm
Weight270 kg
Outstanding Features
  • Thanks to its generous conveyor belts with width of 654 mm and different lengths according to your needs, it’s able to satisfy any production requirement. 
  • The transmission with trapezoidal and toothed belts make this machine very noiseless and reliable, while the strong frontal handle allows a very precise setting of the cylinders up to achievement of very thin thickness. 
  • The machine for long life, durability, productivity, minimizes the variation over time.


  • The dough rolling table is designed to be foldable and convenient
  • The machine is equipped with 2 rollers for better and smooth kneading
  • Sturdy front handles for precise setting of roll opening and closing, they produce long lasting and high rolling performance.
  • The sturdy foot frame makes the industrial dough rolling machine stable and firm